(English) SVG TranslucencyIt's one of the lesser known features of SVG filters that they can be masked. Here's how to apply a partial blur to images and SVG elements. This way it's possible to create some nifty effects like tilt-shift or true iOS style translucency. Weiterlesen
(English) SVG Filter EffectI had the honour to write a post over at Smashing Magazine, where I take a closer look at SVG filters and the phantastic possibilties they offer designers to create astonishing type effects. Weiterlesen
(English) Alpha JPGFor a long Time we have been waiting for a highly compressed image format that allows semi-transparent areas and is available in every browser. Well, it's been here all the time! Reduce page weight by replacing PNGs with semi transparent JPGs. Weiterlesen
(English) 9 Way SlicingFlash and Illustrator users had the luck to enjoy image scaling with a 9-sliced scaling grid for years. Applying this grid to graphics gives us unmatched scaling flexibility. Here's how to get a hold of this technique in web development with the help of some clever SVG tricks. Weiterlesen
(English) 4 Way SlicingThis is a method to create highly flexible SVG images from 4 overlappping tiles. Learn it and then never go back to traditional CSS background images again. Weiterlesen
(English) ZombieIn responsive design it's not only about how big an image will display and which density we must feed to the browser. The image itself must be adaptive, change its content according to the context. In loose order I will try some not so common adaptive image techniques here. Weiterlesen

A blog relaunch was overdue for a long time. Finally did it.
Now it's responsive, red and with robots.

HTML text warpingEndlich hatte ich Zeit, die erste Inkarnation von csswarp.js fertigzustellen. Nun ist es möglich, auch dynamischen Content aus dem CMS zu warpen. Zudem gibt es jede Menge Möglichkeiten zur Konfiguration. Weiterlesen

CSS Sprites mit SVG bieten Möglichkeiten die diejenigen konventioneller CSS Sprites weit übertreffen. So können zum Beispiel oft benötigte Eigenschaften, die leider derzeit in der CSS Spec noch fehlen, wie z. B. "background-rotation" oder "background-opacity" mit SVG hervorragend simuliert werden. Dieser Artikel soll zeigen, wie SVG uns zusätzliche praktische Tools bei der Verwendung von CSS zur Verfügung stellen kann.