Better CSS Sprites with SVG


SVG CSS sprites offer some possibilities for webdevelopers that are superior to the "classical" CSS sprites. With SVG it is possible to get access to much needed properties like "background-rotation" or "background-opacity" that currently are missing from the CSS spec. This article shows how SVG can give us additional useful CSS tools for our frontend coding tasks.


Quick Tipp: HR im Internet-Explorer stylenQuick Tip: Styling HR In Internet-Explorer

Jeder der schon einmal versucht hat, den HR-Tag im Internet-Explorer mit CSS zu stylen weiss, dass das unmöglich ist: IE<8 akzeptiert nur ein kleines Subset von CSS-Attributen. Diese Skript hilft, das Problem zu umschiffen.

Anyone who ever tried to style horizontal rulers in Internet Explorer knows that this is nearly impossible: IE<8.0 only accepts a small subset of CSS-Rules for styling HRs. This little script is here to help...



Warum ich auf dieser Seite meine eigene Flash-basierte Font-Replacement-methode verwende

Why I'm using my own flash-based font-replacement method on this page.