Better CSS Sprites with SVG


SVG CSS sprites offer some possibilities for webdevelopers that are superior to the "classical" CSS sprites. With SVG it is possible to get access to much needed properties like "background-rotation" or "background-opacity" that currently are missing from the CSS spec. This article shows how SVG can give us additional useful CSS tools for our frontend coding tasks.


Updated: traqball 2.0

traqball 2.0Finally updated traqball.js, my little js lib for gimbal lock free 3d rotation to version 2.0. Impress friends and family with deceleration, easier configuration and multiple trackballs on a webpage.


Matthew Carter interviewed

Matthew Carter is one of the greatest type designers of all time, creator of Tahoma and Verdana amongst others. This interview ist a must-read for every typophile. Visit Link »more

Von AS3 nach JavascriptFrom AS3 to Javascript

Einer meiner Actionscript Helden ist mit Sicherheit Keith Peters. Derzeit veröffentlicht er täglich einen kurzen Artikel für AS3 Entwickler, die einmal in Javascript hereinschnuppern wollen. Äußerst inspirierend und auch für Javascript-Entwickler interessant. Link öffnen »One of my ActionScript heroes is definetely Keith Peters. Currently he’s publishing a short series of articles for AS3 devs who […]


Fresh from the Lab: CSS3 Text-Warping

HTML text warping

My latest experiment: this little web application will make it easy for you to "warp" HTML-text. Create native text that follows the flow of an arbitrary bezier path or wrap it around a circle like you do in Illustrator.


Showcase: Pop-Up Book in HTML and CSS

Pop-up book

A little showcase, using all the latest CSS-stuff that makes CSS so much fun to work with these days: animations, transitions, transformations, 3D....


Natural Object-Rotation with CSS3 3D

CSS3 3D Object-Rotation

I finally found some time to finish the last part in my series on CSS3 3D tutorials. We will learn how to build and style a 3-dimensional packshot with noting more than a few lines of HTML/CSS and then add some Javascript-magic to make it a freely rotatable object. Works even on iPad and iPhone.


Real Life SuperheldenReal Life Superheroes

Ich wusste nicht, dass es tatsächlich Menschen gibt, die sich Kostüme anziehen um als Superhelden Verbrecher zu bekämpfen, bis ich Peter Tangens Real Life Superhero Project entdeckt habe. Großartige Photos. Unbedingt auch die Poster anschauen. I didn’t know that there are actually *real* people, dressing in costumes and fighting crimes, until I stumbled over Peter […]


Sqetch, an Illustrator Wireframe Toolkit


Sqetch is a little "sketchy", looking collection of Illustrator-wireframing-templates I created over the last several months. It consists of several templates for browser, iPad, smartphone and a collection of UI-elements.

It brings back some "artistry" to the wireframing-process which makes it ideal for early-stage wireframes.