Matthew Carter interviewed

Matthew Carter is one of the greatest type designers of all time, creator of Tahoma and Verdana amongst others. This interview ist a must-read for every typophile. Visit Link »more

From AS3 to Javascript

One of my ActionScript heroes is definetely Keith Peters. Currently he’s publishing a short series of articles for AS3 devs who want to try out JS. Very inspiring and even of interest for Javascript developers. Visit Link »


Real Life Superheroes

I didn’t know that there are actually *real* people, dressing in costumes and fighting crimes, until I stumbled over Peter Tangen’s Real Life Superhero Project. Absolutely stunning photos. Check out the posters.


Von der Webcam zu WebGL mit FlashPassing webcam data to WebGL via Flash

“Not only is it possible for HTML5 and Flash to peacefully coexist, but they can also help each other achieve a result not possible on their own.” Weiter so! Es sind die Hacker und Bastler, die eine Plattform fortentwickeln, indem sie die Grenzen neu versetzen. Seite besuchen »“Not only is it possible for HTML5 and […]


The future of UIThe future of UI

Großartiger TED-Vortrag von John Underkoffler. Unbedingt anschauen! Link öffnen »Fantastic TED-talk by John Underkoffler. Must see! Visit link »


Developing games for Canvas vs. Flash

Steve Fulton of 8-Bit Rocket gives a good overwiew of the challenges developers have to face when developing games for the html5 <canvas>. Visit link »


Die neue ID des Museum of Arts and DesignNew ID for the Museum of Arts and Design

Gewohnt herausragende Arbeit von Pentagram. MoreAs usual: stunning Work by Pentagram. Visit link


TRON vs. Saul BassTRON vs. Saul Bass

That’s EntertainmentThat’s Entertainment