The SVG Filter and why it’s awesome

SVG Filter EffectI had the honour to write a post over at Smashing Magazine, where I take a closer look at SVG filters and the phantastic possibilties they offer designers to create astonishing type effects.more

The Holy Grail of Image Scaling

9 Way SlicingFlash and Illustrator users had the luck to enjoy image scaling with a 9-sliced scaling grid for years. Applying this grid to graphics gives us unmatched scaling flexibility. Here's how to get a hold of this technique in web development with the help of some clever SVG tricks.more

Everything is Relative. The Art of the Adaptive Image.

ZombieIn responsive design it's not only about how big an image will display and which density we must feed to the browser. The image itself must be adaptive, change its content according to the context. In loose order I will try some not so common adaptive image techniques here.more

Finally! csswarp.js for dynamic Text warping

HTML text warpingFinally the first incarnation of csswarp.js is ready. Now it's possible to have warped text that follows a path even when content is served dynamically. An extensive set of configuration options gives you the ability to control every aspect of your warp.


Fresh from the Lab: CSS3 Text-Warping

HTML text warping

My latest experiment: this little web application will make it easy for you to "warp" HTML-text. Create native text that follows the flow of an arbitrary bezier path or wrap it around a circle like you do in Illustrator.


Showcase: Pop-Up Book in HTML and CSS

Pop-up book

A little showcase, using all the latest CSS-stuff that makes CSS so much fun to work with these days: animations, transitions, transformations, 3D....


Sqetch, an Illustrator Wireframe Toolkit


Sqetch is a little "sketchy", looking collection of Illustrator-wireframing-templates I created over the last several months. It consists of several templates for browser, iPad, smartphone and a collection of UI-elements.

It brings back some "artistry" to the wireframing-process which makes it ideal for early-stage wireframes.


Quick Tipp: HR im Internet-Explorer stylenQuick Tip: Styling HR In Internet-Explorer

Jeder der schon einmal versucht hat, den HR-Tag im Internet-Explorer mit CSS zu stylen weiss, dass das unmöglich ist: IE<8 akzeptiert nur ein kleines Subset von CSS-Attributen. Diese Skript hilft, das Problem zu umschiffen.

Anyone who ever tried to style horizontal rulers in Internet Explorer knows that this is nearly impossible: IE<8.0 only accepts a small subset of CSS-Rules for styling HRs. This little script is here to help...


Das Comeback der WählscheibeThe Comeback Of The Rotary-Dial


Die Älteren werden sich noch daran erinnern: in den alten Zeiten hatten Telephone keine Knöpfe, sondern eine Scheibe um die Nummer zu wählen. Derzeit erleben wir ein Revival.


Older readers propably still remember: long ago in ancient times telephones didn't have buttons but a rotary-control for entering phone-numbers. Currently a revival is going on.