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4 Kommentare zu „(English) Everything is Relative. The Art of the Adaptive Image.“

  1. Kommentar by Patrick Finkbeiner Sa. 22. Feb 2014, 08:19

    Very interessting technique! I totally agree, SVG is a good approach for different images (icons) on different devices. But what about all those devices and browsers who don’t support SVG at all? And yes, some customers do use some of those crappy browsers… Have you thought about a fallback so far?

  2. Kommentar by Dirk Sa. 22. Feb 2014, 15:17

    Hi Patrick, as always, it depends: is it an inline Image, or used as a background? This technique works in almost every modern browser (mobile or desktop) I tested. Anyway, if support for older browsers is indespensable, we do have some fallback techiques at hand ;).

  3. Kommentar by Steven David Fr. 7. Mär 2014, 11:13

    For a decent PNG fallback solution, just see grunticon ( https://github.com/filamentgroup/grunticon )

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